York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
Team Pays Dues and Insurance
for 2018
York County REACT is again pleased to
say our fund raising efforts paid off. We
raise funds by recycling computers,
batteries, toner and ink cartridges. The
team voted to cover everyone's dues and
insurance from funds raised for 2018.
And that includes new members coming
in. That's a $25 value. If we continue to
do well with our fund rasing, we can
continue to cover the
REACT fees.

York County
REACT still needs your
help buying equipment and supplies so we
can carry out our work to provide life
saving emergency communications in
York County. See our PayPal donation
link on our home page.
It is that time of year again. York County
REACT is preparing to renew membership for
2019. And we are accepting new members to
our "community service through 2-way radio"

You do not need to own a radio or have a
license to join. We will get you all setup. We
use CB to monitor I-83 and RT-30. We use
FRS, MURS and GMRS to organize and
make safer all kinds of comunity service events
and we use Amatuer Radio to assist local
emergency managers when accident or disaster

If you would like to be part of this community
resource, visit one of our meetings or check
out more of this web page.
York County REACT Seeks
Community Service Volunteers
Remember this in 2016?
It Could happen again!

Early in 2019?

Gov. Wolf issues Proclamation of Disaster

York County Commissioners Urge Residents to
Stay At Home