Why Does REACT want you?

Membership Requirements

The most important thing is the will and desire to serve others.  The rest we can help you with. We
will help you develop your radio skills, your people skills and your leadership skills.  You need to be 12
years old to be a Junior member and 18 to be an adult.  No radio ownership, licenses or experience are
neccessary to join.  We will help you choose a radio that fits your activity level and budget to get you
started in a fun-filled adventure in radio communications.
Steps to join the team
1) Complete a membership application

2) Dues and fees have been waived, they are currently
being paid by the team. But this is what the dues would be.

Annual REACT Dues    -  $20.00
Second family member  -  $15.00 WAIVED
Junior member (12-17) -  $15.00 WAIVED
Additional Family          -  $5.00 WAIVED
Annual Liability Insurance - $ 5.00 WAIVED

3) The Board of Directors and the team vote you in.

That's it, that's all you have to do to start the adventure.
Then get involved and stay involved!
York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
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application TODAY!