Have you seen this car?

The York County
REACT Incident vehicle
drives over 100 miles in York County each
week.  That's not really very much. You can
call us on CB 9, 19, FRS 1, GMRS 462.675 or
local Amateur Radio Service repeaters.  
Sometimes we monitor MURS. If we see you
on the roadside and you look like you need help
we will stop and check on you. All our
REACTers have a signed ID badges and may or
may not be in uniform. Mobile Unit 56 is now
equipped with the state-of-the-art Turbo-Flare
360, the flameless flare.
(Turbo-Flare 360)
Have you seen any caps like this?  York County REACTers believe
safety is job one, ours and yours. So we found the brightest orange
baseball caps we could, add some highly reflective strips in the brill
and on the the back strap and you get one very visible piece of
headgear.  These caps are from clothing manufacturer
Port Authority
and we hope they help keep us visible under all circumstances.
York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
Cool New Gear