York County REACT
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Team Activities - 2010
The GREAT Snows of February 2010, Feb 5-11
And then came the  Fire Hydrant Detail . . .
County EMA requested 3 fire
stations to be manned by YARS
members after Gov. Ed Rendell
closed I-83 in York Co. Two
members of Station 61 came in
their 4X4, see the lights?
Stan, Unit 56, setup his Go-Kit
station using the already
installed antenna. The Yaseu
FT-60R is dual band the
Mirage amp gives it 45 watts of
talk power.
Amateur, GMRS and cellular
plus complete battery power.  
The Black & Decker
Electromate was plugged into
house power to trickle charge
and be ready just in case.
Some homeowners struggled to get their hydrants clear.  County EMA
asked CERTs to DIG IT!  York County REACT joined our CERT VOAD
partners to dig out hydrants in Southern Farms, Shrewsbury Borough.
Pictured are units Tim, Stan, Tim and Pat.