York County REACT Announces:

The York County NationalSOS drill was a success!

The REACT team had a great day in Reservoir Park.
Our thanks to The York Water Company for allowing
us to use the park for this year's drill. This year our
target drill location included downtown York. The drill
took place on May 17, 2008. We started promptly at
1PM and made contacts throughout the 2 hour period.
In fact we were still making contacts until 3:15PM.
Those residents contacting us used either the license
free Family Radio Service ( FRS ) or the licensed
GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) on
462.5625MHz. See our contacts on the map below.
Also download our Press Rease and script here.

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NationalSOS - Family Radio Service in Action
Press Release
Drill script
Contact Map
York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
Team Activities - National SOS
National SOS Drill

On Saturday September 22, 2007 York County
REACT conducted a National SOS Drill in York
County PA. The drill was part of a larger
Emergency Preparedness Fair.  The fair ran from
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The radio drill was from
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. The team had a pre-drill
press release which can be downloaded from links
on the right side of this page. Also download the
picture of a hand holding an FRS radio.  You can
read more about the National SOS drill at
National SOS. You may also read about our local
team at
York County REACT

The map below shows our contacts. Click on a
contact for more details. What we lacked in
quantity we made up for in quality. The contact
made with FRS 3 south of the Glen Rock exit on
I83 was fantastic. Tyler is an experienced radio
operator. He knew about the drill in advance and
planned to go to a high peice of ground with his
FRS and GMRS radios. He was closer to the
GMRS repeater than we were so he sounded
great there.  But to get 9 or 10 miles out of FRS is
fantastic and probably not real likely with
inexperienced operators.  But still a real thrill.

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