York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
Team Activities - 2007
York Hospital EOC Tour
For our March monthly we met at the York
Hospital Emergency Operations Center.
There is a Kenwood TS-2000 HAM rig (HF,
2m, 70cm), computer stations and an Incident
Command location.  There is also a situation
room and a DECON room for hosing down
patients coming in contaminated.

TMI Drill 2007
Spring brings TMI or Peach Bottom drills
every year. This time Stan Walters, Unit 56,
participated as a Amateur Radio RACES
operator at one of the township building in the
northern part of York Co.  The station handled
just two messages in 5 hours, but the food was
Shrewsbury Firemens Parade
June 30, 2007 was the annual Shrewsbury Firemens
Parade. York County REACT joined forces with the
Southern PA Communications Group (SPCG) and York
County Fire Police to provide event communications for
the parade. We had a great time and we got a free meal
out of it along with some valuable air time and lessons.  
Net Control for the event was dual licensed Amateur and
GMRS so we used both services during the parade. The
new REACT GMRS repeater worked flawlessly.  It was
a good real world test.
Volunteer Fire
Wellspan Wellness Fair -
August 4, 2007
York County REACT teamed up with the York
Hospital Disaster Response Team (DRT) to help
with a display at the Wellness Fair.  Team members
got the Hospital Emergency AmateurRadio Service
(HEARS) station up and running. Then we helped
staff the new inflatable 20 bed surge unit. Team
members answered questions as fair attendees came
to see the D.R.T. display. Unit 57 enjoyed showing
the children how the DECON tent worked while also
getting a refreshing cool down.
National Night Out (NNO)
August 7, 2007

When the sun goes down, its time to turn on the porch light and join
your neighbors for a night out of the house. Street and block parties,
BBQs, community meetings with local law enforcement agencies and
even flashlight walks are just a few of the things people can do to show
solidarity againts crime in their neighborhoods. All York County
REACTers were encouraged to make it a "night out".

In Shrewsbury, Stan Walters, Unit 56 went on a solitary flashlight walk.
It was as if no one even knew it was NNO.  Well, we will change that
for next year. However, there was one item that came up.  There was a
parked car with its domelight on. Unit 56 went to the door and alerted
the owner and saved them a DEAD BATTERY!
CERT Class Completed
York County Department of Emergency Services again conducted a
CERT class at the LDS church located at 2100 Hollywood Drive on
the hill behind the Queensgate Shopping Center.  The class started
Wed Sept 26 and finished Sat Nov10, 2007 with a practical drill.
Twenty-three new CERT volunteer graduated.
C.A.R.T. Drill

On Saturday, October 27, 2007 the York
County Animal Rescue Team (CART) went
all out with a live animal drill.  The drill was
held at the 4H Clucb facility located in
Stoverstown PA. REACT team members
joined with HAMs from YARS (York
Safety communications for the drill. Did you
know they have horse maniquins?

In the afternoon, the scenario involved
hazardous materials with animals in the "hot"
zone. The YARS HAMs suddenly found
themselves in the limelight when when drill
personnel decided to simulate a radio failure
on all county radios. It was very educational
and exciting. The CART team worked hard
to coral  several turkeys that got loose. The
drill was a huge success and lots of great
things came out in the "hotwash", the post
drill de-briefing.
CERT Training, November 10, 2007

Another CERT class graduated from training held at the LDS
church in York. Doug, York County REACTer 58 graduated
making 7
REACTers with CERT training. Stan Unit 56 along with
new Junior member Tim and his dad came to "help" the CERT
trainees by making their graduation drill as "real" as possible.
Our new Junior REACTer Tim (above) sports
a compound fracture to his left arm, sweet!  
Meanwhile, Tim's dad, Ed (right) gets a
"broken" nose job. Stan (far right) has a nice
"cut" on the inside of his left arm, ouch!
Halloween Safety Patrol, October 31, 2007
Decked out in York County REACT's lastest cool gear,
orange/black safety hats, Team President Stan Walters, Unit 56,
gets ready to head out.  He was joined by  Junior member Tim.  
The safety patrol was equipped with cellular and GMRS. In addition
the team monitored FRS1 as well as the local Amateur 2 meter