Emergency Preparedness Fair,
New Oxford Pennsylvania

Sponsor: The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints
Date:     September 16, 2006  10-4PM

York County
REACT #6123 had a table in the
display area of the fair.  We handed out
info sheets for recruiting purposes. We also had
examples of MURS, FRS bubble pack, GMRS
and Amateur handhelds. We explained the use
for each radio and handed out a
NationalSOS/FRS 1 flyer.  One of our team
members was also a presenter with a class on
Family Preparedness.

We helped the local Amateur radio operators set
up their antenna. The morning was overcast and
wet. When the rain got heavier we setup a
screen tent to keep the rain off the HAM gear.

Our Communications  vehicle was the only one
to make it to the fair.
York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
Team Activities - 2006
CERT training
Stan and Dave completed CERT training in October so 5 members
are now CERT volunteers. There were 22 graduates from the class held at
The Church of Jeusus  Christ of Latter-day Saints in York PA.

York County
REACTer Dave Moss (right)  and another CERT trainee
prepare to crib a simulated wall off the back of an explosion victim (dumby).
The mock drill was held in York on October 19, 2006

They needed victims as well so York County
REACT team member
Doug Walters (far right) took part by being the victim of a spider bite.
Doug is seen here with one of the disaster referees and another CERT
class member during the de-briefing.  Doug earned a CERT T-shirt for his

(Photos by Sylvia Sonneborn)

Halloween Foot Patrol
October 31, Halloween Night. York County is a big place and Team 6123 is not.
So we chose a neighborhood close to home and set off with GMRS and FRS
radios and traffic wand in hand. Slowed speeding traffic, talked to local teens on
FRS 1 and even got rewarded with a little candy.  Team 6123 unit 56, President
Stan Walters did the leg work while unit 57, Brenda Walters manned HQ for the
York County VOAD Meeting

REACT International, Inc. is a member organization of National
Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).   
York County VOAD operates under a charter/subcharter from
NVOAD through the
PA State VOAD organization. Our team is
now a member organization of our local VOAD organization.

Our VOAD mandate is to serve the citizens and communities of
York County in a disaster and its aftermath. York County
can now coordinate our response with other volunteer organizations
and thus fulfill both our objectives as defined by
REACT and serve
with our new local partners.

At the July 2007 meeting, REACT President Stan Walters
presented a training segment.  Stan attended a PEMA training day
and summarized that infomation for York County VOAD members.

Here is the
There are three sections to the training summary, PA Logistics
Planning/Efforts, Catastrophic Logistics and Managing Spontaneous
Vounteers. The presentation is a Microsft PowerPoint slide show.
Voluntary Organizations
Active in Disaster