York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
About our Team
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Team Facts
Charter Meeting:  July 2006
Charter members: 7
Serving: York County except the West
Shore area of Harrisburg.
Received Charter: Sept 12, 2006

Team Email :

The Team is currently equipped with CB, MURS,
GMRS, FRS and Amateur radio operators/licensees.
If you enjoy using any of these radio technologies,
please consider becoming a member of our team.
GMRS Repeater
Our repeater is up and running on 462.675MHz.  We were off the air
for over 1 year. Thanks to a generous donation, the repeater is now
located in Shrewsbury Borough at 1100 feet above sea level..
Mobile coverage is possible over a large area including
downtown York City. The exception is when you go down into
a valley. We have talked to York, Ephrata, Harrisburg, Etters, Red
Lion. Remember, the GMRS service is a
LICENSED service.

95.3 License Required
Before any station transmits on any channel authorized in the
GMRS from any point (a geographical location) within or over
the territorial limits of any area where radio services are
regulated by the FCC, the responsible party must obtain a
license (a written authorization from the FCC  for a GMRS
53 FR 47714, Nov. 25, 1988

The PRA is a private organization interested in preserving the GMRS.
Use this form to file a complaint.  Its a PDF file.
PRA Complaint Form
York County REACT normally meets the
4th Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM.  
Check our
News & Information page for
unusual circumstances or other changes in
meeting time and place.

We use team meetings to plan activites,
train and share ideas and information.

We meet at the Shrewsbury Township
EOC located at 11505 Susquehanna Trail
South near Glen Rock PA. The entrance is
around back. Hope to see YOU there
Executive Board 2018
President:   Stan Walters
Vice Pres:  Steve Paules
Secretary:  Brenda Walters
Treasurer:  Brenda Walters
Contact Us!  Tell us what you think,  
request more information, etc ----->>>
York County REACT will provide
public service communications linking
private citizens to government agencies
and community organizations to save
lives, prevent injury, and give
assistance wherever and whenever

We will strive to establish a monitoring
network of trained volunteer
citizen-based communicators using any
and all available means to deliver the
Mission Statement
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