York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
York County GMRS Users
As two Repeaters goes
off the air . . .

For four years, York County REACT
operated a GMRS repeater off
Woodland Drive in Shrewsbury.
Thanks to partnerships with the
Southern PA Communications Group
(K3AE) and the Shrewbury Borough,
this repeater operated as a public
service and served as part of the
Shrewsbury Borough EMA
communications plan. But alas the old
Regency bit the dust in the fall of 2011.

Another donated repeater went off the
air in 2013.
(Pictured left to right,  David Inkrote, Don Inkrote, Stan Walters
and Tom Kuhn)

. . .  A New Repeater Goes ON THE AIR!

In the fall of 2014 York County REACT received a much needed
donation from Harrisburg Area REACT. HAR decided to divest
itself of GMRS equipment. They are planning to buy and
implement a DSTAR Amateur Radio repeater. Much thanks goes
to members of the former York County REACT for their donation
of used GMRS equipment. However, age has taken its toll and
very little of the old equipment is working. Pictured above are
Donald Inkrote, his son David and Tom Kuhn of Kuhn Radio &
Electronics in York PA.

The former HAR GMRS repeater is made up of two Motorola
mobile units with a controller and duplexer. We will start back at
our beginnings on Woodland Drive in Shrewsbury and see where
we go from there. The output frequency is 462.675MHz with a
+5MHz offset but we are undecided as to tones at this time. We
want this to be an "open" repeater but the 141.3 tone is in use in
York. All licensed GMRS users will be welcome as long as they
obey the callsign identification rules as well as all other Part 95
GMRS rules.

A growing group of old and new GMRS licensees will help us put
the repeater through its paces. We hope tio have handheld
coverage in the Glen Rock, New Freedom, Shrewsbury,
Stewartstown area. Once we go on the air you can call

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